My awsomly cool day!

My day was oK.In first block we had a test that I am sure I passed!I finnaly the Edgar Allen Poe book so I don't have to talk to Cristina anymore.YaY!2nd block was ok,we played basketball we lost more games than we won today,at least.3rd block I got my test grade back,I got a 92 YaY!Bud kept pushin Teiara into the wall,me and Amy kept on laughin and sayin that Bud would kill Teiara.Gosh Taylor gets on my last nerves!!!!!!!!!I know he is Lara's boyfriend an all but he still annoys me to death.He keeps kicking me and it really pisses me off!Lara please talk to Taylor and tell him to stop instead of incuriging him!He is always tellin me to stop when he is no better than I am.Any way in 4th block we did rotations that was about it nothing iteresting happend.I'm watching American Idol right now so if you are reading this VOTE CONSTANTINE!!!!1-866-IDOLS-05!!!HE ROCKS,AND HIS NAME IS EXTREMLY SEXY!Good day sir and ttfn!!!
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    hyper I am a hyper fox!YaY!

hello ever body!!

This is our new community,the name suits us well do to the fact that we are all slighty retarded,(expeacially sarah and amy and lara)I decided to make this so we couls all talk together a little.Any way the is my introduction don't forget to write.TTFN
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